HAPPY NEW YEAR-Good tidings from IES to you and your loved ones.

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IES is a boutique recruitment firm staffed by dedicated, knowledgeable professionals who are here to serve your needs at every stage of the process. Your longterm success is our main priority. We are former teachers and administrators with a vision of uniting schools and educators who value inclusion and integrity.

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A very happy New Year to all our Western clients, colleagues and friends and a happy Chinese New Year to our resident Chinese clients, fellow workmates and your families.

Once again, it is the long-awaited Spring Festival, and we are set for a period of family reunion and celebratory festivities as we bring in the Lunar New Year. A new year is always a time for enjoying those special moments at home with family – good company, great food, good fun and great anticipation for all the wonderful things that await us in 2023.

The Lunar year is here, and Chinese New Year is upon us. Walking down the street it is lovely to see the bright and flamboyant decorations, red lamps lining the sidewalks and the malls and public places showcasing the significance that this special time brings. It is also a time of generosity and gratitude, with red envelopes (hóngbāo) passing between family, friends and colleagues, a tradition that symbolizes luck and prosperity. This year is the year of the rabbit, one of the luckiest animals in the Chinese zodiac – representing both good fortune and success as the tides begin to change and we invite all the promise and hope that the new year can bring. It is also a time for reflection and new beginnings, a time where we all in the mood for some changes and breakthroughs.
At IES, we wish you prosperity and success. Our red envelope to you, this year, is some great news! After being closed for three years, China will reopen its borders, and will eliminate the mandatory quarantine requirement for entry into the country.  What it means is that teachers and administrators now have the freedom to travel freely as China opens its borders. Many schools will be clamoring for teachers as staff who have been “quarantined” in one school, or in China for almost 3 years may be looking for greener pastures. This firecracker news is certain to start the year off with a big bang!

In line with this bold and long-awaited move, we have lined up an amazing range of choice positions. If you are looking for a good school in a good location, you may just be spoilt for choice. Why not register with us at info@iesrecruit.com or scan the QR code to complete your details? Get a head start on your academic year. Submit your CV and one of our friendly advisors will get back to you.

Now is as good a time as any to make the move to secure that dream position that you have been longing for. There are many schools searching for the ideal candidate as hiring season kicks off with the new opportunities that come with open borders. Your chances of securing a top job have just multiplied! This could just be YOUR time!  

There are several great positions for teachers and administrators in the best schools available.

Head of School/Principal
Head of Primary 
Head of Secondary 
Head of Design and Technology 
Head of EAL 
Head of English 
Head of Math 
Head of Arts 
Head of Music 
Director of College Counsellor 
Director of Extended Learning 

Subject teachers in the following areas are welcome: 
Math, Physics, Biology,Chemistry, Design, Music, Arts, Drama, History, Geography, PE etc. 
Primary Homeroom Teacher 
Secondary Homeroom teacher

Location: Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Guangzhou etc. 
An old Chinese proverb says, “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.The second-best time is NOW.
“TAKE A LOOK and get in touch! 

IES Mission & Vision

We endeavor to facilitate professional partnerships between international schools and educators. As such, we strive to offer transparency regarding schools and educators to help ensure ideal matches and the satisfaction of all of our clients. 

Our vision is to unite schools and education professionals with the common goal of building school communities that value safety, inclusion, and integrity and guiding students to become well-rounded lifelong learners and global citizens.